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The cannabis loving community and its fellow smoking accessories industry has been synonymous and inner connected with music for as long as people have been getting high and listing to music...

Because most people will agree those 2 things go REALLY good together!

And besides that, we rock... and we also happen to roll... because music is a huge part of our core artistical foundation - and so it should be no surprise to our fans and customers that Smokerolla supports up and coming artists in the music industry!

Ian Robichaud's

Turning it up is what we do...
One of the best ways we can help emerging artists on their business journeys while we groove to their awesome beats is simply to give them a platform for which they can be heard by their fans and also network with other artists and people in the business at the same time. There is much to be revealed as we tune up our musical pages to a new level of lifestyle, but, for now, we're keeping it simple.
for being witty and extremely handsome, hes also an amazing person and is the coolest guy beyond just being an amazing folk artist and highly skilled glass blowing specialist. What a guy... brilliant and funny, he grew up in New Jersey and Oregon and has traveled all over the world looking for girls and money.

ARE YOU A MUSICIAN? Do you want exposure? Do you want to make money with your art and love for creating music?

Smokerolla has developed a special relationship with the experts at Dash Radio and the Kaliente Show broadcasting live daily from its offices in Los Angeles, California.

But that's just the beginning of the album...

- We also have a few music channels on the popular platforms where we link and listen to all kinds of genres of musical artists from across the world.



Lil 610


Lil Drawz


Snoop Dogg

Sir Paul McCartney

The Next One


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